• Window Clean in Caulfield

    Window Clean in Caulfield

    This 3-storey property in Caulfield has some difficult to reach areas but is no match for our extension pole which…

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  • Awning Clean in Flemington

    Awning Clean in Flemington

    This property had some lichen on the metal awning right at the front door which the owners wanted removed. 10…

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  • Tile Clean in Altona

    Tile Clean in Altona

    This house was going under the hammer and we came in and gave it quick makeover removing the yellow mould…

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  • Pergola Clean in Fitzroy

    Pergola Clean in Fitzroy

    Mould and lichen had taken over this pergola and the owners were looking at replacing it with a new one…

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  • Roof Clean in Eltham

    Roof Clean in Eltham

    This tin roof had been severely affected by surrounding gum trees leaving a black residue which resulted in the house…

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  • Concrete Clean in Werribee

    Concrete Clean in Werribee

    This property had some oil stains from several BBQ’s and leaking drums, we pressure cleaned the area making it ready…

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  • Paver Clean in Brighton

    Paver Clean in Brighton

    These pavers had been affected by mould due to surrounding trees and a lack of sunlight leaving the area damp.…

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  • Gutter Clean in Elwood Retirement Village

    Gutter Clean in Elwood Retirement Villag

    Annual clean for a unit that has surrounding trees which drop their leaves every autumn.

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  • Bird Prevention Job in Point Cook

    Bird Prevention Job in Point Cook

    Pigeons had nested under the solar panels which had caused extensive rubbish both under the panels and to the guttering…

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